How does online training work?

Once you have purchased one of our worldwide accredited courses, you will be sent a link to view a Google Drive folder with the information that you need. This is done manually so please allow a bit of time if you have purchased evenings or weekends. In the folder, there will be a manual with the theory part of your training as well as either videos in directly made by us or with instructional videos from YouTube. For all courses you will need to complete a case study. For injectables and massage courses this requires a video so we can see that your technique is correct.

Who are you accredited by?

We are accredited by CPD. They are also accredited worldwide.

Do I need any previous experience to do your courses?

No, we do not require any prerequisites to do the courses, even the advanced ones. It is insurance companies that are likely to require them but a lot of them don’t. It is always best to check with them as we cannot definitively say for each company but the next ones mentioned mostly don’t require previous training or knowledge.

The only course that requires previous knowledge is Russian Volume as you will absolutely will not be able to understand the process without Classic training, however we do a Straight to Russian course which covers both methods. 

What do the courses include and cover?

All courses include a training manual, training video, kit list and consultation form examples. They cover everything from anatomy and physiology, to the actual treatment itself and how to carry it out, aftercare, contraindications and much more!

Are the courses insurable?

Yes all of our courses are accredited and insurable. Not all insurance companies accept them however companies such as Policybee, Westminster do. We always advise contacting your insurance beforehand as all policies are different. Those are the companies recommended for UK students. We are currently working on insurance partnerships for the rest of the world to give you the best recommendations possible.

It is important you check you can get covered before purchasing any of our courses. We will not take any responsibility if you do not check before.

My current insurance company doesn’t insure online courses, what do you recommend? 

Most of our students take out a separate policy for treatments that they have learned online as it is far more cost effective than face to face training.

Why are your courses so cheap compared to others?

Online courses are mainly self learning so you do not have as much support as if it were face to face. Having said that though, all of our courses are in depth and informative.  The main reason that they are affordable is because before I started the online part of this business, training in the beauty industry completely changed my life for the bette. I would like to help others achieve the same and help entrepreneurs become their own boss with flexible working hours to suit them and love what they do as much as I do!

Do I need to get insurance to do my case studies?

We recommend that you take out student insurance to cover you if your current insurance provider won’t. Don’t forget you can’t charge for case studies and most people practice on themselves or close family member so it may not be essential.


Do courses include kit?

No, none of our courses include kit however we can advise you which products to buy and where from after they are purchased. The folders also contain this information. We do also sell a handful of kits for selected courses on our website.

How much are kits?

This is the most difficult question that we get asked because it depends entirely on your budget. For example, semi permanent make up machines start at £150 upwards but the more expensive, the better they are. Again for lashes, you can get a complete kit for £20 but with more money come better products.

Are you able to return kits from us?

We do not accept returns for kits.

Is there a time frame that it needs to be completed by?

We give you 24 months to complete courses. They are all done in your own time and pace.

If you need an extension, we offer a 12 month extension for 50% of the cost price of the course on our website.

Can I complete case studies on myself?

Yes you are welcome to complete it on yourself where possible but training such as eyelash extensions, you will not be able to.

Once I have passed the case study will I get a certificate?

Yes you will get a certificate emailed to you once you are at a satisfactory level and it will make you fully qualified in your choice of course. You can also purchase hard copies on our website.

Do you do payment plans?

We don't do payment plans however we offer pay later with Klarna, Laybuy or Clearpay just choose that option at the checkout.

Are your courses refundable?

Unfortunately we cannot offer refunds on online training because you have already received all of the information and the knowledge so essentially you would be getting it for free regardless of whether you have completed the course or not.

I have changed my mind about which course I want to do, can I swap?

Again, due to the same reasons as above, this is not possible.

Do you do Hybrid lash extension training?

Hybrid lashes are a mixture of classic and Russian volume so you do not need to complete a separate course to learn the mixture.

Can I complete my Russian Volume training using premade fans?

No, unfortunately not. We know how tough it is to get the hang of the technique but premades are applied using the same method as classics so you would be allowed to use them using the classic qualification. You can’t charge the same amount for premades as hand made and they are not Russian Volume if they are not handmade. 

If I have any questions, is it ok to ask them even after I have completed the course?

Yes of course we like to help as much as we can but unfortunately we cannot offer this as a 24/7 service so if you have messaged out of hours please try and be patient waiting for a response. That's the same for weekends.

I send a case study yesterday and haven't received a response yet, why is that?

We do not reply to case studies evenings and weekends so please allow up to 48 working hours to receive a response. 

How can you teach semi permanent make up and other advanced courses online? 

We absolutely do not allow our students to practice on live models until they are ready. For example, with SPMU and Microblading, they have to complete 5 case studies minimum on latex skin and to a high standard before they are even allowed to attempt to do it on human skin. With injectables, they practice using other methods before a human model.

What is the returns period for kits?

You get 2 weeks to return if you have received a faulty kit.

Do I need a prescriber for injectables?

Not necessarily, we offer advice on which companies you can purchase products with before qualifying.

How much can I charge for treatments?

You can’t charge anything whilst you are in training, only once qualified. The best advice we can give is to look at local businesses offering the same treatments and charge based on those. Geography is a key deciding factor with costs involved. Someone in Cornwall wouldn’t be able to charge as much as someone in Central London for example. Take into consideration the costs of products, perishables, time taken and your experience. 

Can I call someone for advice?

As we are an online business, we do not currently offer this service in order to be able to keep the cost of our training down and affordable. You are always more than welcome to email us or contact us through social media channels, Facebook or Instagram.

Do you do discount codes?

We often have spontaneous offers so it is always best to check our social media for updates. Our courses are 3 for 2 for the foreseeable future to give an extra little help to our students.

Can you use a discount code as well as a 3 for 2 deal or buy one get one free?

Unfortunately not, the system only allows one or the other.

What is your cancellation policy for Zoom training?

If cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, a flat fee of £10 will be required to rebook. This is the same for no shows too. If you do not join within 10 minutes, we will have to reschedule too. 

Zoom courses are also non refundable once payment is made.

How much cancellation or rescheduling notice do I need to give for 1-1 training?

We require at least 10 days  notice. We know this is not always possible, but as much notice as possible is appreciated. 

Is face to face training done in a group setting or 1-1?

Face to face training is done 1-1.

What happens if I cannot make my face to face training?

All deposits for training courses are non refundable. If you want to transfer to another date, your deposit has to be repaid.