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Medical Secretary Diploma

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Course Objectives:

  • Who is a medical secretary?
  • Job role and duties
  • Overview of attributes and skills
  • Job profile
  • Why appointment scheduling is crucial to medical offices
  • Guidelines for successful appointment scheduling
  • Tips and strategies to make appointments for new patents and established patients
  • Types of appointment reminders
  • Importance of filing in medical offices
  • Effects of using an unreliable or inefficient filing system
  • Guidelines to set up a medical filing system
  • Alphabetic, numeric and geographical filing systems
  • Benefits of using electronic filing systems
  • Importance of patient confidentiality
  • The concept of patient confidentiality and what it entails
  • Difference between patient privacy and confidentiality
  • Factors that increase breach of confidentiality in a medical office
  • Tips to maintain patient confidentiality
  • Patient confidentiality for minors

And many many more!