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Reception Diploma

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Course Objectives:

  • What is a receptionist? We will define the nature of the role, and explain exactly what a front of house receptionist is
  • How to be prepared for literally anything – one day is never the same as the next
  • Being the face of the company – what you need to do, how you need to do it, what you need to wear, and how you need to present yourself
  • A general overview of the duties of a receptionist
  • The power of a positive first impression. We will discuss first impressions countless times throughout this course; however, understanding the importance of this and how to do it is at the core of being an effective and high quality receptionist.
  • The different types of receptionist roles there are in the job market, and why there are subtle differences between them
  • Legal receptionists
  • Medical receptionists
  • Educational institute receptionists
  • Tourism receptionists, e.g. hotels/apartments etc.
  • General receptionists – everything else in-between
  • The principles to create a powerful first impression. How can this be done?
  • The principles to confirm how your message comes across. How can you check the message received is the correct one?
  • How to use voice, tone, and language to build trust, credibility, and confidence
  • How can you identify the customer’s needs?
  • Learning to listen – an important part of interpersonal skills
  • Handling difficult customers and difficult situations
  • Delivering bad news constructively

And many many more!